Heat Exchanger Service: Plate and Frame

As a full service heat exchanger repair facility, Aircentric can provide exceptional service in returning your heat exchangers to peak operating condition.

Our rebuild service entails:

  • Initial plate inspection and log in
  • Old gaskets removed
  • Chemical and hand cleaning to remove scale
  • Dye penetrant testing - ensuring against pinholes or cracks.
    Results recorded and customer contacted
  • Additional cleaning and inspection
  • Gasket groove preparation
  • Gasket application using superior bonding adhesive
    ( unless snap on type)
  • Final quality inspection
  • Plates are stacked in plate pack order and returned


Brands include, but are not limited to:

  • Polaris/Sandex
  • Tranter/Superchanger/Swep
  • Alfa - Laval
  • Vicarb
  • APV Crepaco/Plateflow
  • Accu-therm/Paul Mueller
  • Bell & Gossett/ITT Standard
  • Graham System Reheat
  • Armstrong
  • Sentry
  • Schmidt - Bretten


For a heat exchanger that is received as a complete unit ( frame and plates ) we will remove the plates, power wash and inspect frame, install reconditioned plates and hydrotest complete unit.

We can also replace your heat exchanger with new when needed


frame_plate_1   frame_plate_2

frame_plate_5  frame_plate_6frame_plate_7




frame_plate_3_before_left frame_plate_3_before_mid frame_plate_3_before_right