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Plate and Frame

The Plate and Frame heat exchanger contains stacks of channeled plates with gaskets. The grooves in each plate (Theta) maximizes mixture of fluid, and gives heat transfer across the full surface of the plate. We offer reconditioning of plates including leak testing, cleaning, and regasketing on all major brands.

Shell and Tube

The shell-and-tube exchanger contains a large shell and many tubes. A fluid stream passes through the tubes, and another stream passes through the shell to trade heat energy. The improved heat transfer signifies a faster transfer rate and the higher heat capacity of the system. We offer Testing, and reconditioning on all makes.


A Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger consists of corrugated plates that combine to create channels through which a hot medium and a cold medium (typically water) can be distributed.

Charge Air Coolers

Charge air coolers—otherwise known as intercoolers come in many shapes and sizes. These units efficiency can be hindered by dust/dirt/debris/oil and should be cleaned often to maximize heat transfer.

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Since 1980, Aircentric Corporation is your one-stop-shop for all your compressor and heat exchanger needs.  We can take care of all your needs from new equipment, and rebuilds, to heat exchangers and blowers.  Our Sales staff and technicians work closely together to bring you the best possible service.

Aircentric Corporation is a distributor and service provider for all types of industrial air compressors and heat exchangers. Since 1980, we have been faithfully serving the Midwest and Canada with full reconditioning and re-fabricating capabilities. 24 Hour emergency service available.

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Aircentric Corporation offers a preventative maintenance program to ensure your business stays up and running. Call today and ask about our quarterly and yearly PM programs, and our technicians will inspect and maintain your compressors for you.

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