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Piston Air Compressors

Stationary Air Compressor Packages 

Saylor-Beall industrial grade compressor pump is mounted on a horizontal air tank and assembled with an electric motor and a variety of controls. Optional features such as magnetic starters, automatic tank drains, air-cooled aftercoolers, and dual controls are available in 1/2 to 30 horsepower.

Vertical Tank Mounted Compressors


The "Space Saver" is available from 1/2 to 10 horsepower. Although it requires a normal height ceiling, the vertical tank reduces the need for floor space.

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What You Should Know

Compresses and treats air by removing water, oil, and other impurities from compressed air. Tank mounted system includes air compressor, aftercooler, automatic tank drain, refrigerated air dryer with bypass valve, and coalescing filter. All factory assembled for easy field installation.

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