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Carbon Block Heat Exchangers

Important Features Are
  • Solid drilled construction in multiples of 14" long sections; or single monolithic cores without cemented joints, up to 70" in length.

  • Excellent corrosion resistance to a wide variety of chemicals.

  • ASME code construction (lethal designation available).

  • Standard maximum allowable working pressures - 100 PSIG for both process and service sides. Higher allowable working pressures may be available.

  • No exposed graphite.

  • Alternating rows of process and service holes for maximum heat transfer.

  • Design temperature of 360 degrees F. Can be exceeded for certain applications with water cooled heads.

  • All exchangers are hydrostatically tested at 1-1/2 tiems the MAWP on process and service sides prior to shipment.

  • All graphite components are pneumatically tested after resin impregnation for assurance of an impervious graphite structure.

  • The highest standards of quality control are maintained throughout the manufacturing process.

  • Compressed TFE gaskets between sections.

  • Horizontal or verticle supports.

  • Nozzle sizes are provided to suit application.

  • Installation, maintenance and operating instructions are available.

New Coil Heat Exchangers

Coils Designed to Meet Your Specific Needs

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