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United Blower

United Blower

United Blower Inc. was established in 1989, producing competitive, innovative blower systems for municipalities and industry. Whatever your involvement, our firm and its employees invite you to call on our expertise in designing, engineering, and selection of the most cost effective blower system. Equipment startup, operator training, and after sales service, as stated by our customers, is one of the best in the business.

United Blower Inc.'s certified personnel have designed, built and delivered over 4,000 blower systems including shipments to destinations in Asia, Canada and South and Central America. Total connected hp is in excess of 150,00 using motors from 2HP to 500 HP and blowers from 10 up to 10,000 CFM. Since "manufacturing" is our strength, United Blower Inc. has designed and tested a wide variety of system configurations, some based on unusual customer requirements. UBI can supply Positive Displacement blowers & regenerative blowers in pressure or vacuum applications, plus all accessories associated with their supply. These accessories include in house built filters, silencers and engineered sound enclosures, motors by Reliance, Worldwide and Baldor, and quality instruments, valving and fasteners. Our goal is to provide top quality at a competitive price.


With blower system's operating noise level being of great concern; United Blower Inc. has developed and tested a wide variety of acoustical enclosures, specifically designed for positive displacement blowers. The majority of United Blower Inc.'s enclosures are built and tested "in house" and guaranteed nose levels are met (free field or installed) while providing ample and easy access for maintenance. Our economical Enviropak features a fiberglass base and cover, providing flows to 600CFM, 6 PSIG.


United Blower Inc.'s "Quiet Plus" blower systems standout for their heavy duty construction and ease of installation and maintenance. Acoustical enclosures of a wide variety of different designs enable us to provide "blower room" noise levels as specified.




United Blower Inc. provides field and customer service widely acclaimed by its customer base. Our response time, product knowledge and attention to detail are the reasons for our many satisfied customers.  Repeat business is our goal!

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