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Spencer Turbine

Spencer Turbine

Spencer Turbine is a prime supplier to American Industry, since their inception in 1892.  Spencer blowers range in size from fractional vortex regenerative blowers to 2000 HP multi-stage centrifugal blowers.  Besides multi-stage centrifugals, Spencer makes single stage centrifugal blowers and vortex regenerative blowers in performance ranges appropriate for applications, such as liquid agitation, parts drying, air wipes, pneumatic conveying and combustion air delivery.  Spencer gas boosters are specialized blowers for handling natural gas and other flammable or explosive gases.​

Single Stage centrifugal blowers provide dependable air or gas movement at a wide range of selected pressures and volumes.  We can provide with new, or we can repair/rebuild your existing blower and return it in a like-new condition.



Multistage centrifugal blowers encompasses three basic styles:

Standard overhung (SOH) blowers - Impellers are mounted on extended motor shaft.

Four bearing overhung (4BOH) - Impellers are mounted on a shaft coupled to motor shaft.

Four bearing outboard (4BOB) - Impellers are mounted in shaft supported at both ends by self-aligning ball bearings, coupled to motor shaft.

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