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The ECOSEP SL series separators are designed to separate compressor oil
from condensate with high efficiency with-out the use of external  power.  Efficiently separates the oil from the water and up to 99% of the condensate can be discharged into the sanitary sewer.



  • Single piece construction

  • Strong rota-mold polyethylene construction

  • Ribbed design to increase strength

  • Large centrifugal inlet chamber for effective venting of compressed air

  • Inlet chamber offers two inlet connections and four positions for installation flexibility

  • Easy access to primary settlement chamber for optimum separation time and reduced load on the carbon filters

  • Oversized internal piping reduces risk of internal blockage

  • Per-filter for extended carbon filter life

  • Large carbon filter for increased contact time and better discharge water quality

  • High quality carbon for optimum adsorption characteristics

  • Adjustable oil outlet funnel for the efficient removal of collected waste oil

  • Sealed external oil container for easy disposal

  • Sample tap for easy testing of the outlet water quality

Oil / Water Separator

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